Yoga for Beginners

Even the best healthcare system in the world cannot prevent you from becoming sick nor keep you healthy. Good Health can only be achieved by working towards it with a systematic plan and discipline.

It is every person’s responsibility to ensure their health and fitness, maintaining their body and limbs from premature wear and tear and to last the remaining years of their life span.

The future of health care is preventive medicine. In other words, taking control over ones health by proper exercise and healthy eating habits.

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Yoga is a gentle yet energizing, challenging yet a very safe form of exercise, where a person of any age or physical ability can practice some form of yoga to help restore mobility and elevate your body to a higher state of functioning. Yoga can be safely practiced till the last day of your life.

We teach you how to take care of your health and well-being through Yoga and meditation. All you need is a yoga mat and the knowledge of using your limbs against gravity.

You bring the mat, we will share the knowledge.

The “13 week- Yoga foundation course” for beginners is designed to teach you just enough Yoga to put you onto a lifetime of self-practice, good health and career in wellness industry.

Highlights of the 13 week Yoga program

Beginner & structured Yoga: Learn the basics of yoga correctly in a safe, gentle and mindful environment. It is open to individuals of all ages and capabilities.

Self-management: Learn proper breathing techniques and meditation practises to help you gain control over stress, fear, anxiety and negative habits.

Health: Restore your body and mind to a high state of fitness and immunity.

Cost-Savings: Learn to practise yoga on your own and save hundreds of dollars in monthly fees, travelling costs & time at your local Gym and fitness classes.

Career: Equip yourself with yoga skills & earn livelihood by conducting yoga sessions for friends, office-colleagues, setup neighbourhood meetups etc.

Life purpose: Gain confidence in public-speaking and find your life purpose.

Fun & Networking: Learn life lessons, nutrition tips, opportunities to engage in social activities such as meetup, group hikes, retreats, camping trips, etc.

Welcome to better health and happiness!

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