Transforming - Men & Youth

Do you feel that your best days are behind you?

Are you seeing signs of “old age” catching up?

Are you stressed thinking about work and health?

Have you sensed a loss of passion and zest towards life?

Do the current political and social changes make you feel isolated and withdrawn from the conversation?

You are not alone! Welcome to the growing numbers of men and youth who feel the same. Every man knows what he really wants to do in life, what he is passionate about. But, all of that is buried under layers of restlessness, stress and fear. 

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Our goal is to help bring stillness and clarity to your life. You will then see and pursue your life purpose.

This course is your wakeup-call to find a way out of unpleasantness of life. A way to go back to your roots of what made you who you are and rediscover yourself. Chart a new course for the remaining years of your life. This program is about learning the right tools to help in your inner transformation.

Yoga for men is a program specifically designed to help men address their fears, anxieties, and addictions. Our simple tools involve teaching meditation techniques and tools to manage anger, reduce stress and yoga techniques to maintain control over your physical and mental faculties.
We provide a platform for men and youth to come together, share their anxieties, address their fears, work for a higher purpose and become their best self.

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