Transform – Work & Life​


Job stress & burnout is no fun. Find a way to make your 8hrs, fulfilling & rewarding because you are capable of great things!

Humans in the 21st century are spending vast amounts of their lives at work (close to 50% of the day!). This is why, it is important that we find purpose and passion in what we do at workplace.

Can our work become more than just putting food on the table?

Can we make our work stress-free and satisfying every single day?

Can we wake up with passion to accomplish something every day?

Welcome to this 60 minute-Life transformation course. My name is Sri. I am a Yoga teacher & a Life coach at Yoga-Point. I have put together this course (& video series) with invaluable lessons derived from my own work experiences and drawing from the ancient principles of mindfulness and meditation techniques to bring about deep changes within you in how you view your work, workplace and life.

I look forward to meeting you in person and sharing these lessons at your workplace.

Course highlights:

  1. Understanding work-place stress.

    What are the causes of stress at work-place? How can you handle them efficiently?

    Learn the one-line mantra to help you make peace with situations out of your control.

  2. Understanding office relations: Boss vs Employee vs Customer.

    When you put people together in a room to do different tasks with different responsibilities, there will always be conflicts. 

    Workplace is no different. This lesson is about overcoming them and finding a way to work with each other.

  3. Change your inner world & upgrade life.

    How do you deal with an angry – customer or a co-worker or the boss?  What can you change to make your life a little easier?

  4. The “BIG Picture”!

    We all reach a point in life when nothing seems to work for us. Seemingly, everything and everyone is up against us.

    This would be the time to look at life through the lens of the “BIG picture” and see how lucky we are.

  5. Finding Life purpose at work.

    When you spend half your life working for someone or something, you better have a strong reason to do that. Let’s find yours!

  6. Technique#1: Meditation & Mindfulness.

    In the last few videos, we looked at the causes of workplace stress and importance of opening our minds to other possibilities. 

    Now, we dive into the very heart of this course. i.e. Tools to banish stress and strengthen our ability to handle stress. In other words, Meditation & Mindfulness.

  7. “Heart of the Ocean” meditation technique.

    This is a powerful technique developed at Yoga-Point to help you find your grounding and stability in this fast moving and ever changing world. 

    If done correctly and precisely, your entire physiology will see tremendous benefits in few weeks.

  8. Technique#2: Social-media Detox(& reclaiming your life).

    Social media is unwittingly contributing to major stress and anxiety in our lives. We will learn about, “How to disconnect (& connect) as needed.”

  9. Technique#3: Living in the NOW.

    Fighting stress was easy. But, ensuring that it stays away on a day to day basis is the real challenge. This technique helps us make this awareness a permanent part of us.

  10. A Final word & Goodbyes 🙂

    As we come to end of the journey, it’s time to put all that we have learnt to full use. 

    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.