About Us

Mission Statement

Yoga Point is dedicated to helping every human being realize their fullest potential, value the beauty of their existence and fulfill their life purpose.

We follow the core principles of Yoga, which is to unite all human beings, erase boundaries and coexist in harmony.

Our sole focus is the pursuit of happiness which comes from taking care of our health, caring for each other and striving to Become Our Better Self.

Our programs and services are secular and scientific in nature. They are designed to work with people of all faiths and belief systems.


My name is Sri. I came to yoga by “accident”, i.e. a shoulder injury sustained in the gym. As a result, I was unable to participate in my favorite activities such as swimming, badminton, hiking, running etc. This injury greatly impacted the quality of my life and state of mind until I came across a sound advice to try yoga.

Yoga helped me recover and get back my full physical fitness in no time. I could do feats that would have seemed impossible earlier. Yoga helped me find a better state of mind and above all, a wonderful community of like-minded people to grow old with.

I realized that, if yoga could work for me, it will work for anyone irrespective of age, gender or physical disabilities.

This inspired me to go on to complete the 300-hour yoga teacher certification with Ahimsa-Yoga philosophy developed by my guru, J-P Tamblyn-Sabo(Ahimsa-Yoga is a style of yoga dedicated to honoring the ancient traditions, while continually refining the physical practice with a modern understanding of bio-mechanics and physiology).

Our time on this planet is very short and uncertain. For me, yoga is about finding meaning in my life by helping others find theirs. Let’s find yours.